NEWS / JULY 6TH 2009:


Woe, the Philadelphia-based black metal band, has officially announced the LP edition of the debut full-length, "A Spell for the Death of Man." A mid-July release is planned as a collaborative effort between Creeping Vine Productions and Woe frontman Chris Grigg's own label, Subvert All Media.

Originally released on CD by American label Stronghold Records in 2008, "A Spell for the Death of Man" received nearly unanimous acclaim. Written and recorded as a solo project, a full Woe band has left ravenous fans awed and will continue to do so with the release of this LP.

With an initial pressing of 500 copies on red wax, the album features entirely new cover art courtesy of artist Justin Miller, whose artwork for the CD version has been described as "the final song" by Grigg, as well as a printed inner sleeve. The music comes straight off of a brand new master taken from the original HD recording. Commented Grigg, "This is the album I recorded, the album I wanted to hear. This is Woe as it was intended."

Woe's "A Spell for the Death of Man" LP can be pre-ordered directly from and now. Additionally, a pay-what-you-want, DRM-free, high-res digital version of the CD master (with artwork) is available through A full stream of the album, live dates, pictures, and live videos can be found at

Review quotes:

"'A Spell for the Death of Man' is easily 2008's most criminally overlooked album and is quite simply the most important black metal release in years." Campbell

"If a complete stranger or non-metalhead were to come up to me today and ask me, 'What is Black Metal?' I'd give him this record." Thomas

"As mentioned, this is one fo the most important works for black metal in America in the present... People, this is what we've been waiting for, the new USBM."

"It's hard to ask anything more of a debut full-length." -Aquarian Weekly (JJ Koczan)

"In a genre of the mediocre, this will stand above the many as a prime example of how black metal can move across the years and still sound relevant."

"This is just about the most perfect 'brutal' black metal album I have ever heard."

NEWS / FEB. 25TH 2009:


Play Fast or DIE!

Philadelphia’s fastest bands come together to prepare for the apocalypse. 
Thrash leads the way with small doses of Death, Grind, and Black, all holding one thing in common: UNFORGIVING SPEED!  A huge portion of unreleased tracks from the restless sewers
of the Philadelphia underground… 

1.   Rumpelstiltskin Grinder "Beware The Thrash Brigade"
2.   Rellik "Devoured In Sin"
3.   Infernal Stronghold "Your Soul Stinks Like Shit"
4.   Annunaki "March Of The Militia Of The Dead"
5.   Unrest "Anything To Shock"
6.   Lethal Aggression "Corproganda"
7.   Sacrificial Blood "Tyrant Of Pain"
8.   Total Fucking Destruction "Proof"
9.   The Claw "Tight To Fall"
10. Near Dark "Jesus Wept"
11. Divine Rapture "I Am Pain"
12. Trasher "Inverting The Cross"
13. Oldhead "The Stoner Grind"
14. Invasive Command "The 4th Dimension"
15. Consenting Adults "Tax Fraud"
16. Common Enemy "Undead"
17. Azure Emote "Justified End"
18. Sewage Sammich "Do You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth? (Demo 88) / Virginia Tech 9"
19. Blasphemous "Warriors Of The Wasted Lands"
20. The Tenth Circle "Fateless"
21. XXX Maniak "Sweet Relief In The Mausoleum"

$4.99 US / $8.99 World

COMING SOON: New 3 song WOE 7 inch
US Black Metal crafted with an obsessive potency and stripped of all pretenses.  While “In the Nightside Eclipse” and “The Madrigal of Night” have paved the way…  WOE is Black Metal for the shadows of today…

NEWS / JUN. 5TH 2008:

XXX MANIAK / COFFINS "The Cracks of Doom" Split CD out June 24th.


“Like today’s Cannibal Corpse (only, even more extreme)” –
“Grind orgy full of the most intense metal blitzes and nihilistic propaganda the genre has seen to this point”
AMP Magazine (Award of the Month)


“Fucking awesome sludge Death/Doom” – BW&BK
“Unrelentingly grim and heavy…This is the sound of the universe imploding inside your head”

Philadelphia’s XXX Maniak’s insidious hooks are recited in the brain even after creeping through the most resisting of ears.  Depravity gains a stronger foothold with each exposure to the hope draining blasts of violence, hatred, and rape.  Snuff fanatics worldwide have yet to find more execution and perversion in any so called “goregrind” or “porngrind”. Whether it is your preference to revel in the blood-soaked glory of it all or denounce the horrendousness of such a vile offering, XXX Maniak is utterly tasteless and thoroughly hateful. 

Japan’s Coffins brings the comforting realization that the apocalypse is near and all will be swept to oblivion.  Crushing and misanthropic with a doom-laden groove, Coffins is the nihilistic offspring of old-school death metal.  Coffins helps you think straight when searching for places to bury the recently slain.  Don’t wait for death, go to the cemetery now!