I. Attics
1. Into the Attic
2. Born in the Basement
3. Spiderweb Sleep
4. Chains, Chains, Chains
5. Horrid Places
II. Catacombs
6. Into the Catacombs
7. Inhaling Cryptic Air
8. The Wine Cellar

King Diamond once screamed
"Every night to the attic shrine," thus striking the chord resonating down the spine of Dust is Everywhere.

D.I.E. wretchedly evinces Black Metal wisdom that ages like a vintage wine. Antique inspiration is taken from predecessors (King Diamond, Gorgoroth, Sargeist) and is expertly primed for a gloomy audio funeral. Souls who lurk within the current state of black metal, desperately clawing at its tattered banners of fading grandeur, are respectfully invited to the wake. Soon even the grimmest memories will fade...

Mastermind DUST (Chains, Shackles, Screams) leads the procession and delivers last rites whilst OLD (Bones) bears the casket with rhythmic poundings of mind-numbing death worship. Grabbing a shovel is LORD MOLL from thrashers, Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, with a shred-heavy, Laroque-worshipping solo passage. MYRK and LOST pack the grave as live musicians.

So chain yourself to the attic chair and let the spiders toil endlessly upon your decrepit shell. Learn the despairing secrets of the catacombs. Hope is gone...Dust Is Everywhere...